Friday, 21 November 2008

message for sandra!!!!!

wow you actually downloaded my kit just for that? you know what its B****** like you that are making the psp world so un bearable was gonna try stay calm here but i,m well past that right now!!
i do this because i enjoy it i dont want/expect anything return so you know what you bitter&twisted person go get your facts straight before you go slaggin ppl off on there blogs and get some time off your screen there cause by god you need it!!!!
i was gonna send you an email but seeing as you just wanted to get some attention by slagging me off on here thought i,d help you out with the much more attention to seem to crave!
so sorry about this every1 but i,m so raging


Macshelly said...

I don't know what kind of trash she must have said to you, but I wanted to let you know that I ADORE your kits, and have said thanks a few times for the freebies.
I do appreciate your hard work, cuz I can't do it (design a kit like you do), so don't let that low-life get to you. You have MANY ADORING FANS, of which I am one!

Raeven said...

My dear friend Monica... dont lose heart hun... and being Scottish ooooo I can hear you now lol. Do I see money exchanging hands... nope... do I see a warm, caring individual creating kits for us to download FREELY ... yes... does Monica ever claim them as her own NO ... never has and I doubt ever will... Monica hun... carry on as you are, do what you do best and continue creating kits, your way .. loves ya hun Sandra xx ohh I feel like a name change now lol dont like my name much anymore mwhaa xx

Frosted Illusions said...

Monica my darlin, we know about the sad creatures of the net that lurk around waiting for their chance to pounce just so that they can suck someones rear end.You do what you do because you love it & you are damn good at it!!! don't let some lesser mortal put you off what your doing. You rock sweetheart and yano it!! lol
Mwaaaaaaaaaah nuff love huni x x x

simplysensationalscraps said...

aww ladies yous have got me all mushy here thankyou so so much for your support you's have no idea how much it means to me you guys are just the best ever *luvs yas*

shari said...

My dearest did good hun...and I believe this &)(*(* will think twice about mouthing off again or at least we can hope.
You are the most caring and giving person I know...Now chin up and move forward...waiting for another one of your beautiful kits to hit the blog...

Nyoka said...

Not sure what happened, I just stumbled on your kit few minutes ago but I have to say you have beautiful work!