Sunday, 23 November 2008

just wanted to say a big thankyou!!!

thankyou honestly so so much to every1 who has gave me loads of support these last few days your kind words and cheered me up big time you guys rock!!
also thankyou so much every1 who has downloaded my new kit over 1000 downloads wow i,m so chuffted to bits you's liked it :)
also 1 more thing how many of you would like full size kits? i,ll still do tagger sized as well but if its worth me doing both just sort of post a yes or something here lol


Miss Slick One said...

Kit size is good for me. You make beautiful kits :)

The only complaint I have lately is that every tube is now .png instead of .psp (and I and my contest enterers, can't use them).

Oh well LOL

Frosted Illusions said...

Miss Slick One...... In Psp go to File > preferences > File Format Associations and then tick what ever files you want to open in psp , ie.... Portable Networks graphic(.png) & Photo Shop (.psd)
Plus anything else you fancy, then they will open huni.

simplysensationalscraps said...

hehe thanks lisa babes i didd,nt have a clue about that 1 either mwah xxxxx