Thursday, 16 October 2008

a wee rant!!!

hey every1 i i just wanted to say i check your comments on 4 share every day not only because i love reading them but also to make sure no links are down i know how pita it can be but saying that when its down its not our fault and to get a message saying i have to get a premium account and i,m full of crap has really pissed me right off me and lorna do this because we love it we dont expect anything in return but to get slagged off just isant right you's that know us know how layed back we both are and we will never go ptu so errm artoglass or who ever you are go f**** urself!!!!!!
sorry for the rant every1 hugs monica xxx


Jo said...

Well said hun - what a cheek they ought to be ashamed of themselves - who do they think they are - they dont have to download your freebies if they dont want to! and if they do they should have a bit of respect for all your hard work

Tracey said...

Pmsl Go Girl i needed that giggle this morning how friggen rude there is all ways some little imbosile out there throwing a tanty about something or another so well said

Frosted Illusions said...

Gwan my girl lol.
Tutz @ gobbin off at my Monica *rolls up sleeves*

wtf is wrong with people, they have no blasted manners. Its quite simple, if you don't like what these two ladies do out of the kindness of their hearts, click it[x]
Or how about you pay for a premium account in return for all the stuff they give you for FREE!!!
Hmm doubt some how that would ever happen hey