Thursday, 2 October 2008


I have a questionaire from Lisa thanks hun lol .
How long have you been using PSP ? Ermm i think its about 3 years now
2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits? Erm i used to have a site on piczo and admired all these wicked tags, and decided i wanted to learn how so i could make them to lol
.3. Who`s your fave artist? So so many Suzanne woolcott, Keith Garvey, Elias Chatzoudis, Jennifer Janesko and the list goes on lol
4.Who`s your faveourite Scrap Designer? Erm pass there is so many excellent designers out there
5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday? Soxsational Scraps, Urban FairyTales and Raevens tuts and Tags, and many more lol
.Im Passing On The Questionare To Sunf- Urbanfairytales, Raven - Raevens Tuts and Tags
and Jo - Jodesignz

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